About Exodus Online Services

Exodus Online Services wasn't always an ISP. Back in 1987, Cliff Stegman, our father, left his former company to join with his sons David and Jim, and his son-in-law Eddie Lutz, to form the C. Stegman Co., Inc. Our mission back then was to be a software development house for the Apple Macintosh. Soon after we added a dba of Exodus Software, under which we published Retriever, ExpressWrite, and Retriever II. They all received excellent reviews from the Mac Press. Youngest son Dan joined the company in 1989.

As Exodus Software we also did work as Macintosh Consultants, with expertise in 4th Dimension, MItemView, HyperCard as well as traditional programming work in Pascal and MacApp. In 1995 we decided we wanted to try something new. After much research, we put our skills towards becoming an Internet Service Provider. As Cincinnati's third local ISP, we opened back in June 1995. Since then, we have always prided ourself on providing personal, friendly service to our clients.

In July 2008, we refocused the business towards web hosting and development and moved our base of operations from Finneytown Ohio to Fairfield Ohio. We recently added a Joomla/PHP server to our servers and Dan Stegman got his CCNA certification.

EOS News
March 4th, 2009 - Google Apps has updated their spam filter recently, and some of our users have contacted us about missing email. If this happens to you, please click on the EOS Webmail link on the left of this page, login and go to Spam to look to see if it is there. If it is, either put a check next to it (in the list view) or open it up and click Not Spam. This will immediately move the message into your inbox, and help to train Google's filter to not put those in spam in the future.

October 9th, 2008 - EOS installs a new PHP/Joomla Server.

June 20th, 2008 - EOS announces the refocusing of their business to web hosting and development.

Exodus Online Services
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