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Exodus Online Services was one of Cincinnati's first ISPs back when we started our family company in June 1995. We provide our clients with personal service, competitive prices and a familiar voice when you call us. Currently we provide web hosting, website developement, domain registration, commericial ftp and computer consulting. For more details on these services please click on the links to the left.

We are located at P.O. Box 181491 Fairfield, Ohio 45018-1491. Our phone number is 513-522-0011 and our email address is support@eos.net.

7/25/17 - EOS mailbox shutdown complete

As mentioned in previous emails and the below notice, as of the morning of July 25th, 2017, all eos.net mailboxes have been shut down by HyperOffice. I have found that some mail clients can keep the email that has been downloaded, although it may keep trying to connect to hyper offices servers. I would try to migrate the emails you want to keep (if possible) to either your new email account or to a local folder (on my mac, local folders, etc. in your email client) and disable, turn off or remove the account AFTER that has been done.

4/7/17 - EOS announcing shutdown of eos.net mailboxes

Please note, EOS will continue to offer web hosting and domain registration and renewal.  We are only closing down eos.net mailbox hosting.

We are giving all our eos.net email clients notice, that come our renewal date of July 21st, 2017 with Hyper Office, we will be discontinuing the eos.net mailboxes and not moving to a new provider.  It was a difficult decision to come to, many of us have had an eos.net email address for over 20 years, but given the difficulties we have had over the last two years with email, I have decided it is time to stop providing this service.

You will need to set up a new email address with another provider.  I am listing some email providers on the site below, but it is up to you where you get your new email address from.  I have set up a site that has a number of articles that will make the transition easier, including how to set up an autoresponder to let people know you are changing email addresses, and a short list of some common internet services that you will need to change your email address with.  You can visit our blog site at blog.eos.net on the link to the left labeled "Email Shutdown Blog".

For those who will ask, we are not refunding any email account payment as you will have a full 12 months of service through July 21st, 2017.   We are notifiying everyone now so they can take any actions needed to make this transition as easy as possible.

You may need to:

  • Pick a new provider for email and set up a new email address
  • Notify your contacts (family, friends, business associates, etc.) of your new email address
  • Change to your new email address in online sites such as social media, banking, credit cards, shopping, etc.
  • Change to your new email address on your own websites, business cards and letterhead
  • Make any backups of email that you want to keep

If you have questions, it is best to email dan@eos.net and I will respond when I am available.  If you prefer to speak to me, please call and leave a message with your name and evening or weekend phone numbers so I can call you back.

Thank you all for your years of working with us.  I will miss talking with you all and wish you all the best.

EOS News
March 4th, 2009 - Google Apps has updated their spam filter recently, and some of our users have contacted us about missing email. If this happens to you, please click on the EOS Webmail link on the left of this page, login and go to Spam to look to see if it is there. If it is, either put a check next to it (in the list view) or open it up and click Not Spam. This will immediately move the message into your inbox, and help to train Google's filter to not put those in spam in the future.

October 9th, 2008 - EOS installs a new PHP/Joomla Server.

June 20th, 2008 - EOS announces the refocusing of their business to web hosting and development.

Exodus Online Services
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